Police colonel R.Otgonjargal was born in March 1975 in Gobi-Altai Province.  Police Colonel R.Otgonjargal has studied at the Police Academy in 1993-1997. He holds master degree in Criminal Justice and has been working for the police organization for 24 years.

Professional background


1997-1998                   Criminal Detective, Songinokhairkhan District Police Division  


1998 - 2002                 Senior Investigator, Economic Crime Division, Criminal Police Department


2002 – 2012                Senior Investigator, Senior Investigator in Charge of Economic Crime, Economic Crime Division, Investigations Department

2012 – 2014                Head, Khan-Uul District Police Division


2014 – 2015                Head, Department of Professional Support for Investigations


2015 – 2017                Head, Special Operations Department


2017                            Head, Investigations Department


Present                        First Deputy Commissioner of the National Police Agency



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